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Valley High Academy has highly secured boys’ and girls’ hostels monitored by responsible warden to maintain academic discipline.

No students will be allowed to stay in hostel or other mess which is not authorized by the college authority.


 Facilities in hostel:

  • 24 hours running facilities with uninterrupted power supply.

  • Borders are provided with hygienic nutritious food & lodging.

  • Medical emergencies are handled with utmost care by tie up doctors. In severe cases further steps will be taken after consultation with parents or guardians,

  • Is necessary tuition will be arranged inside the hostel.

  • Regular Yoga and Meditation session.

  • Students who have proficiency in sports particularly, in swimming, Cricket, football, Badminton, Table tennis will be facilities by the authority to concern sports organization (fee exclusive).

  • Daily News paper, vernacular & English.

Rules to be followed by every boarder:

  • For the boarders punctuality and obedience are must.


  • No boarder is allowed to move outside the hostel compound after 5.00 p.m. But in winter the time limit is 4.30 p.m.

  • No visitor is allowed after 5.00 p.m. And for any visitor to visit, warden’s consent is must.

  • College and Hostel authority holds the right to cancel the seat of any boarder if found or suspected of the boarder’s involvement in any irresponsible activities.

  • Any damage done to the hostel & college property has to be made good by the parent’s concerned.

  • All medical bills or expenses will be charged from the parents concerned.

  • Hostel dues are to be cleared before 7th of every month, failing of which a fine of Rs. 10.00 (Rupees ten only) will be charges per day.

  • Evening prayer for every boarder is compulsory.

  • Students once admitted into the Hostel must pay the Hostel fees for the whole session.

  • Students must submit medical report if he/she has any medical history.

  • Boarders must maintain strict decorum within the hostel campus Mobile Phone Expect emergency, boarders will not be allowed to leave the hostel during the academic session. They may avail leave with proper permission during holydays.

  • A fine will be charged if he/she fails to switch off the light or fans of his/ her room while leaving.

  • The Management reserves the right. —

Students must appear in all the examination during the session, otherwise absentees will not be allowed to sit in the Final Examination


  • Personal Information

  • Address

  • Emergency Contact Details

  • Declaration

    I have read all the rules and regulation of the hostel authority and will follow strictly for the same.