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We take pride to open an academy in memory of RAI BAHADUR HERAMBA PRASAD
BARUA, who was an illustrious son of the soil. Being an educationist he happened to be one of the
founders of Devi Charan Baruah Girls’ College. He also was the first honorary Principal of D.R.
College, Golaghat, certainly a feather in his cap. During the time of Second World War Late Rai
Bahadur Barua became the President of Asom Sahitya Sabha in the special session in 1939. Besides
being a writer he was also appointed Member of Assam Public Service Commission. Rai
Bahadur Barua acted as President of Assam Legislative Council. Late Barua took interest in Tea
Plantation. As such, he was offered membership in ‘International Tea Committee and Auction Committee’.
Late Rai Bahadur Heramba Prasad Barua, being an ex-student and the first secretary of the
student union of cotton college, Guwahati, was said to be the first person to introduce the word
‘COTTONIAN’ in the year 1916. For his brilliance and eminence he became instantly famous in
socio-political and literary scenario of Assam.

The Educational Trust instituted in the hallowed memory of RAI BAHADUR HERAMBA PRASAD
BARUA is going to transact various educational agenda. In this respect it is noteworthy that ASOM
SAHITYA SABHA organised a centenary celebration at Golaghat on 2nd May 2010 and it was presided
over by Shri Rongbong Terang, the former President of Asom Sahitya Sabha. It was attended by many
other literary luminaries including Dr. Nogen Saikia. D.R. College also convened a separate meeting attended
by large section of intelligncia. An oil painting of Late H.P.Barua was unveiled at D.R. College
library by the President of Asom Sahitya Sabha.
May his soul rest in peace.