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Academics Advisors

Valley High Academy is being guided and advised by the following eminent educationists:

  •  Mukul Chaliha (Rtd. Principal, J.B. College, Jorhat)

  • Binita Dutta (Rtd. Principal, P.G.T. college, Jorhat)

  • Punya Bora (Rtd. Principal, D.C.B. Girls’ College, Jorhat)

  • Rohini Baruah (Rtd. Principal, J.B College, Jorhat)

  • Dr. Deepa Dutta (Rtd. Principal D.C.B. Girls’ College, Jorhat)

  • Soupon Duwarah (Rtd. Academic officer SEBA)

  • Runima Dutta (Rtd. Principal Govt Girls’ H.S. & M.P. School, Jorhat)

  • Dr. Kutubuddin Ahmed(Rtd. H.O.D. English D.K.D. College)

  • Dr. Anil Kumar Sarmah(Rtd. H.O.D. History D.K.D. College)

  • OUR PRINCIPAL :     Dr. Dilip Kumar Kalita

  • OUR RECTOR :            Dr. Kutubuddin Ahmed

  • CHAIRMAN :                Mr. H.P. Barua

  • DIRECTRESS :             Mrs Sumona Kousik Barua